Creators: This template was created by Professor David V. Loertscher and his students at the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University and is for free use by teacher librarians at the K-12 or academic library level.

Purpose of this page: To help users navigate, create, or participate in the Virtual Learning Commons

Would you like to copy this template and make it your own?  Here's how:
  • You need to have a Gmail address to own your own site.
  • From your Gmail account, notice that there are various tabs at the top linking you to various Google applications.  You will need to find the MORE tab, the scroll don to EVEN MORE and then find the tab for SITES
  • Once in sites, you will be given the opportunity to create your own site using one of Google's templates.  Instead, find the GALLERY at the far right and then search for: templatevlc
  • You will see the template for this site so, select it, rename it for your school, and then type in the authorization code from the picture at the bottom.
  • Cheer!  You have your own template.  You are its owner.  Now you can erase anything we have and begin adding your own material.
  • To edit the site, you should see the pencil at the upper right of the screen.
  • You will also see the MANAGE tab.  Go in here and under general near the bottom, click on the box that allows your VLC to be seen on any device.  That way, iPad users and cell phone users can enter it in addition to finding it on a computer connected to the Internet.

Page Level Permissions.  We have set this template so that every page must be shared with those you wish to have editing privileges.  So, when you are trying to SHARE the individual room, click "Change" at the top of the page and share that page with whomever you wish.  You can also withdraw anyone from any page.  

Helpful Tutorials from Google:

Other Resources: