IT Centre

Tip of the week:
  • June 5 - When programming your Sphero, you can repeat whole blocks of code by choosing "Controls - Then Selecting Loop.  Dragging your blocks of code into the loop area will make the program repeat itself.

Interested in having an App installed on the HS or Library iPads?
Check here. This is a link to the free apps.
Check here. This is a link to the paid apps.
Check here to see all of the apps alphabetically in the eduction section of the App Store.

What was Mr. Coates up to last week? (First Week of June)
A lot's been done for the portables.  I measure the success of my work by how much they ask about stuff that doesn't work. 
Since there hasn't been a lot of requests to fix stuff these days, I guess it's working!

Guest Wifi Access:
Student and Guests have access to the Wifi in the Library  and upstairs.
Note that the Wifi here is limited to 50 Kilobits per second and logs all sites that are viewed and blocked.
If you'd like to access the Wifi in the library, simply connect to: "Student Wifi."  
The password is "6044654442"
Then use your username and password to access it!