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Digital Citizenship

To be a good digital citizen means you follow the rules of good online conduct.  This includes:

  1. communicating responsibly and kindly with one another

  2. protecting our own and others private information online

  3. standing up to cyberbullying

  4. respecting each other’s ideas and opinions

  5. giving proper credit when we use others’ work

Click on the links below to learn more.

  1. Media Smarts - Educational Games

  2. Digital Passport - games and tutorials (teachers must sign up for a free account and assign passwords to your students)

  3. Cyberbullying:  Crossing the Line - watch the videos to see when inappropriate online behaviour crosses the line and what to do about it.

Watch these videos from Common Sense Media

  1. Brittany’s Story - Posting Something You Regret

  2. Eva’ s Story - When Messages Spread

Digital Citizenship Scope & Sequence - lessons for the classroom