Science Links

Grade 9
Cloning links - not to include “gene cloning”:

-What is cloning, applications, myths,

-examples and common questions answered.

-brief look at the ethics of cloning.

-  a Christian view of cloning

Recombinant DNA (Genetic Engineering) links:

- Explanation of what it is in text form

- Click on  ‘uses’ on the page to see applications of how this is used(minimum detail given)

- video explanation of how recombinant DNA is done.  Stop a 3:25. -

links to the following:

-Transgenic mice

-Genetically modified foods (explanation of recombinant DNA with diagrams is given as well.)

-Pharming for Farmaceuticals.

- a Christian perspective on ethics of genetic engineering

Assisted Reproductive Technology links - including interuterine and artificial insemination:

- information about the different methods, uses etc..  

- invitro fertilization animated.

Opinions of various Faiths.

Other Christian Viewpoint links - search within these sites for your topic:

Reasons to Believe

Christian Research Institute (CRI)

CARM (Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry