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Most BC Digital Classroom Databases

Log-in: mrcsstudent

Password: skill&1819

*There are a few databases that require a different password. They will be listed below the datbase link.

How-to Access MRCS Databases

Gale Databases

Password: lightening

Elementary & Middle School Databases

Grades K-3. Listen to stories, watch videos, play games and online colouring sheets. About animals, nature & transportation.

Books, videos, maps & images. On animals, science, nature and space.

Grades 3-9. Explore animals, science, geography & people through: articles, videos, games, biographies, maps, games & more.

Easy-to-read and simple to search articles, videos and pictures on a variety of topics.

Grades 3-9. Research thousands of topics through articles, videos, audio, pictures, websites and more.

Search these interactive timelines of historical events and the lives of notable people.

High School Databases

Search a variety of topics: History, health, sports, science, current events, animals, biographies and much more using digital magazines, full text articles and reference books.

Examine multiple sides of an issues by accessing the overview, point and counterpoint on a variety of current topics. Stay fully informed!

Username: mapleridgecs

Password: research22!

Search a variety of topics through up-to-the-minute news, articles, links and multimedia reference materials.

Search a variety of topics, people, places & events through articles, videos, images & audio with a Canadian perspective.

Search news, viewpoints, videos & statistics for issues within government, health, law, science, culture, technology & more.

Search articles, magazines, books, news, images, audio & video for a variety of topics, events, geography, people and more.

Search biology, chemistry, physics and more through articles, experiments & interactive simulations.

Access author biographies, full-text classic novels, short stories and poems. Covering a variety of genres & timeframes.

Username: mapleridgecs

Password: research22!

Find author biographies, essays, literary criticisms and reviews. Focused on Canadian writers & their works.

Username: mapleridgecs

Password: research22!

Find hundreds of thousand poems, short stories, biographies, essays, and video & audio recordings.

Username: mapleridgecs

Password: research22!

General Databases

Provides accurate and up-to-date information about our people and our country. Search articles, images, maps, games, video and audio.

Using articles, images, videos, maps and facts to feature a wide variety of subjects areas with a BC perspective.

Search for your next great read with the read-alike function, use the appeal terms to find books that are "your style", or read professional book reviews before purchase.

Username: mapleridgecs

Password: research22!

Educator Databases

Includes lesson plans, web links, curriculum standards and student tools, in this easy-to-use interface to search a wide variety of subjects.

Video series with study guides on topics to support the mental health of teens. 

On-demand access to 4,500 full length and 20,000 clip level educational videos that educators can search, stream and download.

Over 1700 science and math videos for students aged 11-16. Includes extension activities, experiments and topic handouts.

Educators: Email the library for staff log-in information.