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Gale Databases

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Elementary & Middle School Databases

Search magazines, articles, videos and e-books for information from all subject areas.

Books, videos, maps & images. On animals, science, nature and space.

Find book reviews, new books and read-a-like suggestions.

Easy-to-read and simple to search articles, videos and pictures on a variety of topics.

Grades K-3. Listen to stories, watch videos, play games and online colouring sheets. About animals, nature & transportation.

Grades 3-9. Explore animals, science, geography & people through: articles, videos, games, biographies, maps, games & more.

World Book Science Power

Grades 3-6. Investigate earth, weather, space, living things and more with experiments, activities & visual presentations.

Grades 3-9. Research thousands of topics through articles, videos, audio, pictures, websites and more.

Search these interactive timelines of historical events and the lives of notable people.

High School Databases

Search a variety of topics: History, health, sports, science, current events, animals, biographies and much more using digital magazines, full text articles and reference books.

Search a variety of world history topics through books, journals, biographies, primary sources, more than 45,000 images and 83+ hours of historical video.

Search a variety of topics: biology, chemistry, forensics and much more through books, digital magazine, videos and science experiments.

Search a variety of topics, people, places & events through articles, videos, images & audio with a Canadian perspective.

Search news, viewpoints, videos & statistics for issues within government, health, law, science, culture, technology & more.

Search articles, magazines, books, news, images, audio & video for a variety of topics, events, geography, people and more.

Search biology, chemistry, physics and more through articles, experiments & interactive simulations.

Search a variety of topics through up-to-the-minute news, articles, links and multimedia reference materials.

Examine multiple sides of an issues by accessing the overview, point and counterpoint on a variety of current topics. Stay fully informed!

Access author biographies, full-text classic novels, short stories and poems. Covering a variety of genres & timeframes.

Find hundreds of thousand poems, short stories, biographies, essays, and video & audio recordings.

General Databases

Provides accurate and up-to-date information about our people and our country. Search articles, images, maps, games, video and audio.

Using articles, images, videos, maps and facts to feature a wide variety of subjects areas with a BC perspective.

Search for your next great read with the read-alike function, use the appeal terms to find books that are "your style", or read professional book reviews before purchase.

Educator Databases

Includes lesson plans, web links, curriculum standards and student tools, in this easy-to-use interface to search a wide variety of subjects.

Video series with study guides on topics to support the mental health of teens.

2 minute films that introduce scientific topics for children aged 4-7. Includes additional lesson material, practical and review activities.

Complete science resource aimed at students aged 7-11. Complete with films, lesson plans, activities and quizzes.

Over 1700 science and math videos for students aged 11-16. Includes extension activities, experiments and topic handouts.

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